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A complete replacement mod for Fallout 4

Co-Lead Writer

My Role in the Project:

  • Organization and management of the 10-member writing team.

  • Promoting communication between my fellow narrative lead and leads of other departments.

  • Story and character creation from concept to implementation.

  • Documentation of narrative elements on the internal Cascadia team wiki.

  • Dialogue creation. Lots and lots of dialogue creation!

  • Assisting with editing and revision of dialogue and in-game written materials.

  • Holding weekly writers' meetings in conjunction with the other lead writer, taking minutes, and communicating decisions made to other departments.

  • Implementation of dialogue via the Creation Kit. 

"So Anna, when's the release date?"

We have an internal date that we're working towards, but it hasn't been publicly announced yet. But it's sooner than you think! Watch this space! 

Project Overview:

Fallout: Cascadia is the wasteland like you've never seen it before.

Using the Creation Kit, we have created a unique slice of wasteland over a two-year span. 

The story takes place in the Republic of Cascadia, a new sovereign nation based out of what was once Seattle, Washington, a walled city now called Cascade. 

But as is the case with the wasteland, nothing is ever as pristine as it looks...

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